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Studley Churches Together 

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Messy Church

Messy Church on March 4th is cancelled due to weather conditions.

Christmas Lunch Box is postponed

Due to adverse weather conditions, Christmas Lunchbox, on Wednesday 13th December, the decision has been made to postpone it until January 10th.








Christmas Eve to New Years Eve

Our services will be as follows…

Sunday 24th December

8.00am                Holy Communion                                   Studley

10.00am              Christmas story with Carols                  Mappleborough Green

                              Church+Praise                                         Studley

4.00pm               Christingle                                                Mappleborough Green

6.00pm              Crib Service                                              Studley

11.00pm            Midnight Communion                            Studley

Monday 25th December

10.00am            Holy Communion                                   Mappleborough Green

Family Christmas Celebration             Studley

11.15am              Holy Communion                                  Oldberrow

Thursday 28th December

9.30am             Holy Communion (BCP)                       Parish Centre

Sunday 31st December

10.00am          Holy Communion for All

Group Service                                           Studley



We are hearing the concerned views of some of our church members, and as such are seeking discussion and clarity with the Diocese of Coventry, regarding the unintentional impact the safeguarding policy is having in our community. As a church, we are thankful for, and value all of our volunteers, and the wonderful services they provide for us and the wider community, and are seeking to safeguard all.
Studley and Mappleborough Green Parochial Church Council (PCC)